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And Kaya Scodelario, 24, stepped out for the first time since making the announcement, joining husband Benjamin Walker, 34, at the Valentino Menswear Spring/Summer 2017 collection in Paris, on Wednesday. Pregnant Kaya Scodelario, 24, stepped out for the first time since announcing she was expecting, on Wednesday, joining husband Benjamin Walker, 34, at the Valentino Menswear collection in Paris Kaya emanated a healthy glow as she produced a pretty smile while cosying up to her man.

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The fabulous print was contrasted with floral prints and a mesh neckline and the piece was finished off fiercely with the help of a cape.Despite not being able to buy this piece any longer, click right to shop Valentino's current line now at Farfetch.Actually the truth is there wasn't a single fight between hazal Kaya and Cagatay Ulusoy in Adini Feriha Koydum set.it's interesting, those who praised Cagatay sometime and denigrated Hazal were the ones who complained most about cagatay at the first days when he started the shootings.First I wanted to start from Hazal Kaya and Cagatay ulusoy because they became the most special but unfortunately the couple which was mostly exposed to lies and speculations.

Let me tell you first that most of the time those who talk about this duo run after benefit and they serve to a group of those who by saying that these two have a bad relation want to cause a chaos.However, their relationship supposedly fizzled out after just one short year. After they starred in the first film in 2014, their friendship was questioned.But, luckily for us, we get to relive it all by watching re-runs of their characters, Effy and James, on the show! However, after Elliot got in legal trouble following a major car accident, their long-term relationship came to an end — and Kaya had to speak for him in court! However, considering that Kaya started dating her current fiancé soon after, the odds seem to be unlikely. Her brunette tresses fell in loose waves over her shoulders, while she wore a slick of pink lipstick and decorated her piercing blue peepers with smoky eyeshadow.As Kaya Scodelario joined her husband Benjamin Walker at the Valentino Menswear Spring/Summer 2017 collection show in Paris, she naturally looked stunning.People are very curious about this secret and sometimes open relations of actors in real life.