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According to the interview, De Martino also was friends with Gotye before he hit it big, and was surprised to hear that his friend had finally broken mainstream after his hit song "Somebody That I Used To Know" began getting airplay. Jules De Martino is worried about his memory De Martino revealed in an interview that he was worried about growing older and not remembering things, due to his grandfather struggling with memory loss and senility before he passed away.

So, to counteract growing older and possibly forgetting his life in a band, De Martino decided to make scrapbooks detailing his life on the road in order to remember those days forever.

The chiming, angular infectiousness of their first major single Great DJ laid down a marker, but it was the jaunty rhythms and sugar-pop harmonies of That's Not My Name that rocketed them to fame, selling over 500,000 and topping the UK chart.

The use of Shut Up and Let Me in an Apple i Pod commercial gave them another huge hit as debut album We Started Nothing (2008) achieved worldwide success.

In August 2010, the Ting Tings offered a taste of their new material, premiering the single "Hands" -- which was mixed by Calvin Harris -- on BBC Radio 1 and officially releasing it that October.

As Katie White's dreams of superstardom in girl group TKO crumbled into support slots with Steps and Atomic Kitten, Jules De Martino's life as bit-part Brit pop leftover led him to a bohemian artist's commune in Salford.

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Following the limited-edition, tour-only single "Fruit Machine," the Ting Tings signed to major-label Columbia later that year. charts in May 2008, the same month that the duo's debut album, We Started Nothing, appeared.