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I think we can all say that in nine months time Eric Sheffer Stevens, as Dr.

Reid Oliver, has left an indelible impression for years to come, and whose character’s sexual orientation was not the subject of his storyline, because there was so much more that defined him, and Eric felt so too.

The two made history on August 17, 2007, when the show "featured the first-ever" gay male kiss in American daytime.The You Tube video of the kiss was one of the top-watched the following day.From his work in the theatre to his work on daytime, Eric is one of a kind, and just as he will remember his time in Oakdale, so too will the citizens that orbited around Reid’s world. I love that role, and they wrote really well for him.MICHAEL: Eric, have you seen the comments about you and your alter ego Reid, all over the Internet? The fan bases are in-fighting between Lu Re and Nuke! Being on the show for the last nine months of the show’s run was a very special time to be there, and to be involved with it, and to have one continuous storyline.Alexandra Chando in Construction: Alexandra Chando, best known from her "As The World Turns" role as Maddie Coleman (2005 to 2010) will play Colleen in the October 30, 2013 comedy "Construction." A story about men and the women who make them better, three guys feel stuck in their lives and remember the dreams of their youth.

Murray Bartlett in made for television movie: Murray Bartlett ("Guiding Light's" ex-Cyrus Foley) has been cast to appear as Dom in Michael Lannan's untitled comedy pilot.

Valentina de Angelis in Everlasting: "ATWT" fans will recall Valentina de Angelis from her role as Faith Snyder in 2010.

The actress is starring as Jessie in the thriller "Everlasting," which focuses on the travels of a high school filmmaker who confronts a Los Angeles man who murdered his girlfriend. Vanessa Ray in Wisdom Teeth: Vanessa Ray ("ATWT's" ex-Teri Ciccone, "Pretty Little Liars'" Cece Drake) is taking part in the upcoming project "Wisdom Teeth." Though there aren't any character details for the actress at this time, the comedy tracks the journeys of two guys who plan to leave New York behind in order to become writers of a Los Angeles reality TV show.

The now "legendary" kiss stands as one of the most viewed selections in the history of You Tube with over 2 million hits.

How it went: Noah panics and cannot get the tie right and Luke offers to do it for him.

And just because Im going there in a few weeks & I'm so hyped Walt Disney World/Existence LUKE: You never seemed to have this problem sleeping with Maddie. Harry/Ginny - I have been sold on them since the scene on the Platform 9 and 3/4 in the first book.