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The argument continued between Lemons and the group, with the reporter refusing to stop recording video of their activities.

The majority of them are living and working around us in jobs psychologically destroying the people that they work with.

Narration: There's a growing realisation psychopaths are thriving in today's workplace. Now the figures are that 0.5% of women are psychopaths, and 2% are men. And how do you avoid being the next victim of the workplace psychopath.

In sowing fear, uncertainty, and doubt (aka FUD) about the electoral process, Trump is engaging in a classic disinformation campaign.

Narration: It begins as a phone call - and then a meeting - usually late at night.

(The group is also known for backing rancher Cliven Bundy in his standoff with federal authorities.) "We want them to worry that they're being watched."These promised armies of aggro poll protectors will almost certainly amount to nothing more than a fear-inducing fantasy come Election Day, not least because strict federal and state laws protect voters from intimidation.

What is likelier (and scarier) is that a fantasy is all the threat needs to be to hurt voter turnout.

Then you could be working with a workplace psychopath.

A corporation has a problem and they need Dr John Clarke's help. Dr John Clarke: The common misconception with psychopaths is that they're all violent extreme kind of criminals.

"Former Planet Fitness Member" Tiffany Austin joined her local gym in Richmond, California as part of a recovery program following a car accident.

But she ended up bailing a mere fifteen minutes into her first session.

The outfit was to accompany them through one of the most successful eras ever for any English club.