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Armando: For the purpose of this question I will say that I am Puerto Rican and that I will talk a lot about New York since that is where I am from.

In many of the countries the lighter you are the better that you will get treated.

This trend is also true for the United States — across the pond, U. daters most preferred Asian women, except for Asian men.

Whether you’re new in town or a life-long New Yorker, here are a few fun date ideas to consider in the Big Apple. Explore the very pedestrian-friendly city on foot, by bike, take a cab or ride the subway.

When the weather’s lovely, the Met opens its romantic rooftop garden café on Friday and Saturday evenings.

It’s a great first-date spot for sipping cocktails while you swoon over the view.I love Black women have always like them since I was a kid.In the Bronx, New York Hispanics and Blacks were the majority and still are the majority. I would like to participate on your website if that is possible. One of them is hottie of the week, and the other one is question of the week. I am Puerto Rican from New York, have a Master’s degree in Computer Security. Just saw your website and I believe it is a great website. New York has the most extensive mass transit in the country.