Humorous dating contract

As any diehard New Yorker knows, I'm in love with the city in which I live, and always assumed it would be the place where I would grow old and die.

Dubbed "reverse commuting," the trend was especially prevalent in New York City, where women took the train all the way to Connecticut and New Jersey to find available men. As one woman told the New York Post: "In Connecticut, they’re just very normal, very sweet, very unassuming." As opposed to New York men, "they don’t have game.

They’re steak-and-potatoes American."More from MSN Living: The hottest wedding trends for 2013 When it comes to playing the field, some of us aren't terribly gifted.

for me every Sunday, to a guaranteed trip to Morocco, to him doing all the cooking — these are just a few things that will be going in our contract.

is an American singer, songwriter, parodist, record producer, satirist, actor, voice actor, music video director, film producer, and author.

I reached out to my lawyer Aaron Kelly who just started a new Terms of Service/Private Policy/Legal Protection business called Snap Terms and I asked him to draft one.

I was expecting a very traditional terms of service that you’d normally see online.As a divorced man with a four-year-old daughter, he doesn't have the luxury of leaving his city; so if this, if we, were going to make it work, I would have to be the one to move.Olivier, knowing full well my love for this city, knew that he was competing against something to which he could possibly lose, but he decided to make the gamble with his suggestion that I move to Paris.: DC is a bad ass blog about bigtime balling bloggers. When I fell in love with a Parisian after living in Paris for three months, geography all of a sudden became a major issue.However, Aaron drafted me something totally different and at first I was taken back a step but after I read the Terms of Service agreement in full, I realized that it was actually quite genius, hilarious, fun and masterful all in one.