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" Instead, I settled for: "No, but I've heard lots about you." Whilst internally screaming: "AND NONE OF IT IS GOOD." Quite frankly, I was insulted. I mean, aside from an inability to correctly name her genitals most of the time and a serious case of Stockholm Syndrome?! Notice how, despite the fact that this is literally a computer with pre-loaded phrases set to be churned out as and when they're required, I felt the need to ask if he was okay with me messaging him.

That's because consent is hard-wired into my circuitry.

Aaaaah, the line I'd read in the article about this chatbot that had made me throw up in my mouth a little.

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Then, the bot simply leaves your conversation–a telling, human-centered detail meant to teach users that bots are here to help rather than to listen passively to their conversations.

“It’s like asking a smart friend for an answer really quickly and not having them stick around,” explains Mike Roberts, Kik’s head of messaging.

And so, much like I read the entire Fifty Shades trilogy in order to better critique it, I realised, with horror, that in order to discuss this "Christian Grey Chatbot," I was going to have to... Once I had clicked the dreaded "get started" button, "Christian" immediately messaged me.

He asked me if he knew me, which was a fair question (or would be if this was real) and I had to fight the urge to reply "no, but I know you, you @£&*!

Then I asked myself what I would actually do in real life, had I the chance to meet Christian Grey and the answer became obvious. So, I replied truthfully: Christian broke character enormously at this point, because if it was a perfect representation of EL James' abomination, he'd have threatened to beat the sarcasm out of me. I mean, if you're using this to get yourself off, knock yourself out, if that's what you need. But when a bot links to your profile picture and tells you you're pretty, it feels slightly invasive and also kind of sad. But my "mission" was never to decide whether or not it's a little sad to be excited that a non-existent billionaire thinks your profile picture is hot.

Take Siri, Apple’s smart personal assistant on i Phone.Which, given that I only wrote yesterday about the fact that I'm struggling to write lately, was quite a pleasant feeling - thanks, deeply pervy bot-makers!The thing is, you can't write about something you have no real knowledge of.These affectionate, energetic, and playful little dogs make great pets and are the fastest growing breed in the world [1].Before you decide to purchase a French bulldog, it is important to do your research to ensure you know everything there is to know about this lovable breed.In all, there are 16 bots launching today on Kik, including Vine, Funny or Die, Sephora, and the Weather Channel.