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But thank you for your answer i do appreciate your opinion and understand your answer.To all others: i'm actually personable, polite person.You can find this in everything from The Honeymooners (1951–55) to animated kids’ show The Flintstones (1960–66) to current juggernaut hits Modern Family (2009–present) and The Big Bang Theory (2007–present); as well as The Sopranos, The George Lopez Show, Louie, That ’70s Show, Fresh Off the Boat, and all of Rob Schneider’s sitcoms.

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Last Friday, Netflix debuted its latest binge-ready romantic-comedy, Love, from Judd Apatow.

The ten-episode first season, which depicts the dueling perspectives of a man and a woman in a relationship, has picked up mostly positive reviews for its realistic portrayals of dating, addiction, and dependence. See, Love stars Gillian Jacobs (Community) and Paul Rust (Super Fun Night) in the lead roles, making it the latest entrant in a long line of a popular but sometimes frustrating television trope: the “ugly guy” getting the “hot woman.” Of course, beauty is subjective (there are certainly people out there who find Paul Rust attractive; I myself would not turn him down), but this trope fits into a larger attractiveness gap that’s abundant in television, especially sitcoms, where it’s sometimes acknowledged onscreen but more often not.

I stumbled upon a question on the site recently about why hot guys date ugly girls, so in response, I wanted to switch the context and write about why hot girls date ugly guys.

Though this topic is extremely superficial, I’d be lying if I said a guy’s looks didn’t factor into my dating life.

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We are kind of socialized to see 'fat, unattractive' husband with 'super hot, thin' wife on tv and in movies.To answer everyone's answers, Deathbound: I promise you i'm far from what you think, I'm a guy who has always been in long relationships and am a very big family man.I don't by any means act rude or mean to people. I'm just trying to be honest with my questions and there is no easy way to put it.When there is an unattractive woman, she is always paired up with an equally unattractive often do you see 'model hunk' with 'ugly wife'?I see unattractive and overweight women with visible hairloss with actually decent looking men all the time.The fat husband/hot actress matchup (which took over Fox’s Animation Domination block with The Simpsons’ Homer and Marge and Family Guy’s Peter and Lois) came to prominence with the 2000s trifecta: According to Jim (Jim Belushi and Courtney Thorne-Smith), Still Standing (Mark Addy and Jami Gertz), and The King of Queens (Kevin James and Leah Remini).