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Some girls manage to stay focused and keep on entertaining and gaining new subscribers, but there are also a lot of girls who lost interest and as a result place in our list.

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The You Tube (s GOOG) stars are all part of GE’s (s GE) new Tag Your Green Ecomagination campaign that’s supposed to get people excited about green technology and, in turn, brighten GE’s image a bit.The campaign has been produced by Howcast, and it’s the third time Howcast has helped GE leverage the power of online video.We all watched and shared funny or cute videos with our friends, some of us even have pretty cool channels, but there are people whose life has changed completely by Youtube.People, who managed to turn their hobby and passion for creating videos into successful online business, whose Youtube nicknames became their brand names, who travel the world, who made their dreams come true and became rich and famous.Last year, Howcast had the goal of driving 10 million views on You Tube for GE’s first Ecomagination campaign, Howcast’s VP of Strategic Programming Jeffrey Kaufman told us in a phone conversation.

To date, that campaign has led to more than 15 million views and counting, thanks in large part to the power of prominent You Tubers, who produced a number of videos for GE.However, this time around, Howcast chose an bit of a different approach.Instead of just asking the You Tube A-list to chime in on being environmentalists, it developed a mini web series starring Shay Carl that has the comedian visiting various places around the country to highlight green technology.The hand-drawn spot builds on "Together" with Zhi's narrative about how the 2008 Beijing Olympics will redeem his people from loss. Disembodied wings carry the Chinese into the clouds. My last name is BRADSHAW as in Terry Bradshaw (great Steelers QB from the 1970s).