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She does have a bit of a penchant for pink, doesn't she?

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We've even added her pastel purple heels and light green knitted tank top in the edit below to complete the look. Taking to Twitter earlier int he day, she wrote: 'Looking forward to @reallorraine high street fashion awards tonight', before adding: 'So lovely to hear from my fans that I've made them think twice about surgery. Below are 125 Things We Learned from the Game Of Thrones season five Blu-ray set, packaged for your edification. Hang on, no, that one's not actually very interesting. When Maggy appeared out of the shadows, it was in imitation of Marlon Brando’s Colonel Kurtz doing the same in Francis Ford Coppola’s 1979 film. The snow in the air at the Wall and at Hardhome is made from paper or Styrofoam blown around by giant fans.Melisandre takes credit, claiming that as a result of Shireen's sacrifice, the Lord of Light has made good on his promise.However, Stannis' officers inform him that Shireen's sacrifice has also prompted half of his army, including all of his mercenaries, to desert him, and driven Selyse to hang herself. Despite all of these setbacks, Stannis orders his remaining troops to march forward towards Winterfell.Pink is set to be THE tone to try this season, plus we should all be wearing pencil skirts right now to celebrate Kim Kardashian’s wedding! But if you miss out on stealing Michelle's style, there's pink aplenty on the high street.

From a Missguided bargain to a buttery soft leather Jigsaw option, we've got all budgets, shapes and shades covered.

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Elizabeth Marmur [ Jill ] Steve is worried that Susan has discovered a compromising tape in his video collection.

Jane persuades her therapist to come along as a guest at a dinner party.

Cersei wears mourning colours not only to mourn the loss of her son Joffrey, but also of her power and control.