Generating list of changesets and updating

Work items are a representation of any Team Productivity Center artifact that a person can perform work on.

Typical examples include program defect records, requirement database entries, test cases, project tasks, and use cases, but work items are not limited to these.

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Work item nodes typically include such product development tools as: Through Oracle Team Productivity Center, you can save context, make an active item and add details of source-control system checkins.You can create queries against these repositories and then build upon this information by creating relationships and assigning tags to the various work item elements that are important to the current part of the development process.Once the feature is finished and merged into the main development tree/trunk the changelog files can either stay as they are or be merged into one large file.Use whatever approach makes sense for your applications, but keep in mind that there are many options available for changelog management.One of the defining capabilities of TFS is integration across the ALM landscape.

In addition, each work item has its own set of relationships, which it maintains to other work items both in its own repository (that is, of its own type) and, optionally, with work items of other types.

Does anyone know what I can do to fix this The solution I'm building contains two class libraries, one website, and one web deployment project.

Also, the release configuration does not include building the website, only the web deployment project.

For example, a bug database entry might be linked to the requirements tracking system; a feature enhancement request might link to a team milestone chart.

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For example, let’s say you have a DEV-MAIN-LIVE branching hierarchy.