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Many countries are as accepting (or more) of different sexual and gender identities, but there are many instances where laws, customs and attitudes towards these students will be very different.

Seeking information about how your host country, city and institution's attitudes towards this group of students can help you choose an appropriate partner instution, as well prepare you for the differences that you might encounter there....

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Recently, Norwegians elected a gay minister of finance, a lesbian minister of justice, and the first out lesbian politician for the Labor Party, Annette Trettebergstuen.

The LGBT community is well integrated into the rest of the mainstream in Oslo and Bergen.

Skeivt arkiv is the Norwegian national archive for queer and LGBT history.

Our key mission is to collect, document and communicate Norwegian and Scandinavian queer history.

Also located in Montreal, this group is a student service funded by the University, not a student club.

Queen's University - This university runs the Positive Space program, designed to celebrate sexual and gender diversity.

Norway’s spectacular snow-capped mountains, stunning fjords, relics of ships from the Viking era and peaceful seaside towns will leave you in awe.

This Scandinavian country has many things to celebrate this year, including the 200th anniversary of its constitution.

We are also in the process of creating our online encyclopedia Skeivopeda, or "Queeropedia", which is continously updated with new articles about people, themes, events and organisations.