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Take San Francisco, for instance, which is a beautiful city with a large percentage of gay couples and an active gay and lesbian dating scene.

Now if you are gay or lesbian and live in a large city like San Francisco or New York that has an open-mindedness towards same-sex relationships and there are multitudes of single gay men and women to meet, it might be easy for you to go out to your local bar or club or get involved in activities where you can meet a same sex partner.

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Man cited Tebow's ad as a good example for why they should not have been denied air time.“We are very disappointed that in 2010 such discrimination is happening especially given the fact that Focus on the Family is allowed to promote their way of life during the Super Bowl,” a rep for the site told They then lost touch until three months ago, when Mateen made contact again, mentioned that he would be in Orlando soon and suggested meeting for a drink.West had also seen Mateen at Pulse multiple times before.CBS has rejected a gay dating site's Super Bowl ad and now wants a bite out of the network.

reporter Darren Rovell tweeted earlier Friday that CBS would not be airing Man's 'Playing for the Same Team' ad during the NFL game next week, reports.

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Kevin West said he was in the parking lot at the Pulse nightclub at 1 a.m. The men had met more than a year ago when Mateen reached out to West on Jack’d, a dating app for men.

“CBS Standards and Practices has reviewed your proposed Super Bowl ad and concluded that the creative is not within the Network’s Broadcast Standards for Super Bowl Sunday,” it stated.

“Moreover, our Sales Department has had difficulty verifying your organization’s credit status.” Earlier this week, CBS said it would only allow advocacy ads that were "responsibly produced." The announcement came after quarterback Tim Tebow's thinly veiled pro-life ad for Focus on the Family, a Christian group, was given a Super Bowl spot.

In fact, in certain parts of the country entire towns are predominantly gay and lesbian.