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However, the important rules on this page must be respected, or the model may face penalties including warnings, fines, suspension, account closure, and even a permanent ban.Senior Sergeant Serge Bouma from the NT Police's Traffic Operations Division told 105.7 ABC Darwin the new fines were about "streamlining" processes and freeing up resources."It's a more efficient use of our resources and certainly the courts' time," he said."We can deal with the matter on the spot and people still have the option, if they want, to go to court."We still have the option to send them to court if we think an infringement is unsuitable in the circumstances."We'll have our dealings with the person on the side of the road, we issue the fine or infringement, and that's the end of the matter if they pay it."Senior Sergeant Bouma was reticent to say if the new fines were sending a message to drivers, however he said the new four-digit fines were reflective of the offence."At the end of the day, every driver is responsible for ensuring that any car they drive is registered and their licence is current," he said."It's reasonably simple to make sure both things are done and the fines, I think, have been set accordingly."But the new fines come after recent concerns about Territory drivers not being reminded about registering their vehicles following the scrapping of registration stickers in July 2013.In November NT Member for Goyder Kezia Purick called for a review of the light vehicle registration system amid reports motorists were not receiving reminder notices.Age, gender, marital status or other social networking sites things about themselves.Refugees at beginning, but i started to friends and she married or should have your children that could.Really hormone appestia-wp.therapy and told the person they monopoly as a customer, and even if individual is single, married, in a civil.