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Kings of Leon's Jared Followill is now engaged, reports Just

A rep for Followill confirmed to the site that the bassist proposed to girlfriend Martha Patterson on April 11th at his Nashville home.

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Para zaręczyła się w 2010 roku, a 12 maja 2011 wzięła ślub.

The singer and his wife, a Victoria's Secret model, were married in Santa Barbara in May after dating for two years.

“His wheels are turning at all times.” “It’s the pressure,” says Caleb, 31, uncomfortably.

“It’s three-two-one, now you got to say something, and a lot of the time it’s the most honest stuff you can say.” Last year, recording Rock City, he let rip with that soulful voice that makes everything sound like a matter of life and death: “I’ve been several miles and plenty more / And I found myself face first on the floor / Searching for something, and never finding something / And I don’t know where I belong / I’m just trying to get myself back home.” “The song damn near wrote itself,” recalls Caleb.

In their earliest years evangelizing through the South with their preacher father, the family traveled in a Chrysler.

"It would backfire," says Nathan, "and we were so embarrassed that when we'd pull into a church, we'd have to kill the engine and coast into the parking lot." Ivan could also backfire the car on command, say, when they were driving by a construction site. He was gifted." When he was three years old, Jared would jump up on the arm of the sofa, unclasp the lock on the front door, and climb up onto the neighbors' roof.Here's 13 of the most enlightening: All of the Kings go by their middle names. Singer Anthony "Caleb" Followill, drummer Ivan "Nathan" Followill, guitarist Cameron "Matthew" Followill and bassist Michael "Jared" Followill.In their teens, the Followill boys threw parties at their dad, Ivan's house.Yesterday, reps confirmed Twilight beauty Ashley Greene has split from Disney star Joe Jonas, after an eight-month relationship.But after being spotted out and about with King’s of Leon rocker Jared Followill on the very same day, could the lovely lady have a new leading man in her life already? Ashley was spied celebrating St Patrick’s Day in New York with the super-cool star – and King’s of Leon bassist – after meeting her dad, Joe.It looks like a big black barn in the Nashville hills, industrial and anonymous.