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Meanwhile Pete mentions to Monica that he has something important to tell her. I liked the scene where Joey said that it may get called after him and people will be saying, "Oh, he got the Ross...". Guru Saj doesn't know exactly what it is, but solves the problem, not with medicine, conventional or otherwise. So Phoebe sends him to Guru Saj, her herbalist, to figure out what it is.

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They also have been known to spend time in the kitchen, doing elaborate dishes and five course meals!So when you’re dating a firefighter, expect a delicious meal that hits the right spot everytime. Who doesn’t want to hang around a person who knows how to save lives?Mingle with some of the hottest men the city has to offer while you enjoy drink specials and take part in the "Hottest Fireman Contest!" With the firemen drinking for free, this could be your chance to get carried out of the bar!Just mosey on in, bring a dish or some delectable desserts, and go from there. You might wonder how a firefighter spends all their free time while waiting for emergencies.

Or, if you’re lucky enough, one might even ask you out as they save your neighborhood from occasional fires, disasters, and cats stuck on trees. Aside from lounging about, prepping firefighter materials and making sure the truck is ready to go anytime, they also love to sleep, read, and play some pool every now and then.

If NY's bravest leave you breathless, we have a feeling you'll have no trouble getting some mouth-to-mouth!

She’s in the middle of an acrimonious divorce from her former college coach husband.

With the cold winter months on the horizon, why not make sure you are kept toasty by snagging your very own fireman at 730pm on Wednesday September 25 at The Rescue Me Fireman Singles Party!

Your pulsd ticket (a value), gives you endless options to snag your own here out of over 100 of NYC's hottest single firemen!

When Joey finds out that Pete has paid ,000 to a ring designer, engagement ring comes to everyone's mind. And the scene at the Guru who finally removes it is pretty funny as well The story about Phoebe dating two guys and trying to decide which one to stay with is not bad either.