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When I invalidate the cache, distributed cache has to know what nodes have the entry ( or send a message to all the nodes).

Also, last thing I need when my server is loaded is to start repair and data shuffling.

Setup Params: Setting up Project Params for C:\Users\admin\Documents\Unreal Projects\test13\test13.uproject UATHelper: Packaging (Android (ASTC)): Project.

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We setup the servers and put a load balancer (F5, HA Proxy, mod_proxy, Nginx) to distribute the load. We need to handle security, sessions, throttling, and artifact deployments across the servers in the clusters. It is too expensive to hit the database for token per each call, hence we have to cache the tokens. You will tell me that I have to make sure my server is not loaded. This throws “stability” and “graceful degradation” down the drain.

Now if the token is revoked, we have to remove the token from the data base and then invalidate the cache in all the nodes. Problem is that even a short term load spike lead to system level reset and repair.

Two notable exceptions are our CEP server and message broker, but let’s ignore them for now. If you are unlucky, then you can run into the situation where nodes keep coming and going where the system will continue to repair itself.

Setting up a cluster of stateless servers is easy ( or so we believe). OAuth), start a session, and keep invoking servers. When you invalidate an entry, it will take care of talking to all the nodes and invalidating the entry. If you want to recreate this problem, pick one of your favourite distributed cache, load about 1G data, and then run some cpu hogging processes in a those servers.

The mobile app adds this cookie to all future service transactions between the mobile app and the server.

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