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Rather, because of their dominant function, Extraverted Sensing (Se), they seem to have a natural eye for beauty, style, and aesthetics.

Their homes are often immaculate and tastefully adorned, as ESFPs love to ensconce themselves in beautiful and well-accoutered surroundings.

The “sensing” part of this personality is where the love of beauty comes from.

Glitz, glamor, perfume, jewelry—all are a part of the ESFPs’ repertoire.

It’s not that ESFPs are necessarily snobbish or narcissistic about their appearance.

Like the ISFP, ESFPs are often considered physically attractive.

It is among the most commonly encountered personality types, especially among women, comprising upwards of 10% of the general population.

Many eagerly plunge into new fashions, avant garde experiences, 'hip' trends--some even setting the trends.

More in touch with the reality of their senses than their INFP counterparts, ISFPs live in the here and now.SPs sometimes think and talk in more of a spider-web approach. ESFPs are attracted to new ideas, new fashions, new gadgets, new ______. Their down-to-earth, often homespun wit reflects a mischievous benevolence. Some can be identified by the twenty minute conversation required to ask or answer a simple factual question.Several of my ESFP friends jump from thought to thought in mid-sentence, touching here or there in a manner that's almost incoherent to the listener, but will eventually cover the waterfront by skipping on impulse from one piece of information to another. Perhaps it's the newness of life that attracts ESFPs to elementary education, especially to preschool and kindergarten. (ESFP stands for Extravert, Sensing, Feeling, Perceiving and represents individual's preferences in four dimensions characterising personality type, according to Jung's and Briggs Myers' theories of personality type.) The dominant function of ESFPs is concerned with the reality that is perceived through the senses.We would love to hear about your challenges, what you wish others knew about you, what books or other materials that have impacted your life and what you wish you could tell your 15 year old self.Click here to let us know your biggest challenges and insights as an ISFP The Key to Successful Communication between Intuitives and Sensors How are “Sensors” and “Intuitives” Different?Artwork, a pretty landscape, music, and even food are all attractants to this persona.