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Each of the machines in the network runs its own vendor-supplied version of the UNIX operating system, with appropriate kernel and user-space extensions as necessary.

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You can use *PDF for the WSCST parameter, or you can specify a workstation customizing object with an attribute of CTXFORM.

In any event, you also must identify the stream file where the resulting PDF output is created.

In IBM i 6.1, IBM added support to allow you to natively generate a PDF file from your application though the use of workstation customizing objects.

In order to do this, you need to define or override a printer file with a device type of *AFPDS to use a workstation customizing object.

The application can now generate a PDF file rather than the AFP spooled file.

This support requires the IBM Transform Services for i and PASE licensed programs to be installed.

Before we analyze our samples, we can do some quality control checks on our raw sequences using Fast QC.

Historically, converting spooled files on IBM i has been a bit of an arduous task, but in recent releases, it's become much easier.

Today, this computational complex is officially known as the Numerical Aerodynamic Simulator Processing System Network, otherwise known as the NPSN.

The assorted machines in this network are of varying manufacture, and (as of the time of this writing) include Digital Equipment Corporation VAXes, Silicon Graphics Irises, large Amdahl 5840 mainframes, and a Cray Research Incorporated CRAY-2.

the fcntl and ioctl families of functions) may lead to inconsistent result due to the lack of consistency check in kernel even if noac is used.