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The installed file EQ2MAP_is the auto-update component of the program which is designed to check for software updates and notify and apply them when new versions are discovered.EQ2MAP Updater Free Download Information: Free Download 64 is not responsible for software you are downloading nor for details provided about the software "EQ2MAP Updater 1.2" listed here, as the developer can modify information without notifying us.-------------------- This Keeps your EQ2MAP mod up to date, when ever new zones or points of interest are submitted on the EQ2MAP Website, this will update them for you automaticly.You can see all the maps and points that this mod currently has at the EQ2MAP Website -------------------- The Microsoft .This HTML5 speed test does not require Flash or Java, and works on all devices including tablets and smartphones.

EQ2MAP Updater 1.2.10 can be downloaded from our software library for free.

The second part has a tier-by-teir look at where to get the best XP. GENERAL LEVELING ADVICE In my opinion, the best way to level in EQ2 is by solo questing, solo questing, solo questing.

If you get a really good grind group going with full vitality, heroic xp *can* outstrip solo xp, however its often a total crapshoot how good of a group you get.

Number one being complete most of the solo quest lines.

Number two being to clear at least every heroic zone once to snag all the bonus named/disco XP and AA. PREPARATION There are three tools that help a *ton* with leveling, and everyone should really get them: EQ2 Maps: EQ2Interface : EQ2MAPAuto Updating Version [Official] : EQ2MAPAuto Updating Version [Official] Most zones in this game do not have ingame maps attached to them, so you really need to download this to get player-made maps to show up in your map window.

A previous installation of EQ2MAP is not necessary however using this program in a directory that has EQ2MAP already installed should work as well.