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This is designed so that if a change to the IP address information occurs, corresponding updates in DNS are performed to synchronize name-to-address mappings for the computer.

The DNS Client service performs this function for all network connections on the system, including connections that are not configured to use DHCP.

i looked in /var/log/messages and ran an "Instance Update" from the ipfire Dynamic DNS page, but no log entry was made. I have a remote machine configured with ddns as the Public IP is dynamic and have lost access to it. What I have confifurado with "freedns.afraid.org" and "nsupdate.info" and I can not go for any of them. A part of this machine, I have more to think they can fail. This box has been running and being updated for over a year, wondering if this is a bug due to it's age (not that old) or just a bug with Dynamic DNS UI in ipfire.

What is an integrated Dynamic DNS device and what does it mean to you?An integrated Dynamic DNS device is a device that has Dynamic DNS capabilities built into it.We have partnered with many companies to help make our Dynamic DNS setup and updating of your hostname easy.We are currently integrated with most brands of routers, IP cameras and other devices.Error 31, DNS Update Failed – Seen this one before? The place to look for logs is: C:\Windows\System32\dhcp, check yours out and see if you have any error 31’s.

Even if you think things are good, it doesn’t necessarily mean that everything is working as well as it should.

By default, computers that are statically configured for TCP/IP attempt to dynamically register host (A) resource records and pointer (PTR) resource records for IP addresses that are configured and used by their installed network connections.

By default, all computers register records based on their fully qualified domain name (FQDN).

If you have the DHCP service installed on your domain controller without a service account configured, by default, DNS registrations from DHCP clients will be prevented from being registered and will log event 1056 in event viewer.

Solution: Complete the following steps below to change the credentials of the service account used for DHCP.

Mine still appears to be working but it may just be that my IP hasn't changed in a couple days.