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The dialog box shows any payments previously recorded using the Receive Payments and Enter Sales Receipts commands, which appear on the Customers menu.You can enter the date in mm/dd/yyyy fashion or you can click the small calendar button to the right of the Date field.It’s a powerful seduction technique, so powerful it’s controversial.

On the calendar that appears, click the day that you want the Date field to show.If you also want to include as part of the deposit some other payment that’s not listed initially in the Make Deposits window, you can use the next empty row of the list to describe this payment.If you are, you will need to learn certain tricks of girls psychology as soon as possible so that you can easily read a girl’s thoughts and understand what drives her actions at any given time.Believe it or not, girls are actually very predictable when it comes to dating. Well, it’s because they let their govern them instead of their minds.Over the years, I have used an enormous number of products and services that have helped me transform every area of my life.

I've explored everything from online courses, attended various seminars, read hundreds of books, and used a lot of tools and resources to help me grow my online businesses.Females seem to behave in a weird, unpredictable way which doesn’t make much sense to the typical male mind.Are you bewildered by the fairer sex and how they seem to behave so irrationally most of the time?Whether you want to improve your health or fitness levels, build a passive income online, or improve your relationships – this section provides tools and resources to help you make it happen.K Money Mastery – My step-by-step video training program teaches how I make six figures passive income through Kindle publishing and guides you to making money online.To describe the payment, use the Received From column to identify the customer, vendor, or other individual or business making the payment.