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"Rob the Prez-O-Dent" was featured as the fourth track on Good Riddance, George W.Bush, released in December 2008, a compilation album of anti-George W.During the average clean, your machine will travel an amazing distance - imagine the distance it's clocked up already.

"Elephant Bones", the fourth track on the album, was featured as a bonus song in Guitar Hero II.Their first studio album, A City Dressed in Dynamite, was released on August 5, 2008 to scores of positive reviews, being praised as "profoundly entertaining", "bizarre in a beautiful way" and "a madcap musical frenzy as dizzying as it is dazzling".The Dirt Devil features a 25-foot cord, which should give you plenty of lead to vacuum a large room or even multiple rooms, depending on their size, without unplugging the vacuum and switching to a different outlet.Like most vacuums, the Dirt Devil includes an extension hose and wand, for use with crevices, upholstery, furniture, or detailing.If you're on a budget and looking for a sub-0 vacuum, you would be far better off spending a little bit more on the 9.99 , which performed better by a wide margin.

It's more of an investment, sure, but considering that many people keep their vacuums for a decade or more, that extra feels more reasonable, especially when, for that money, you're getting dramatically better performance.

Tracks such as "I Dream in Neon," where the vocals melt into a gritty fuzz bass, or the improbable but fascinating blends of exotica and industrial in "Casino Lisboa" and "Au Revoir Mon Visage," reaffirm that Hungtai has a real gift for conveying several different moods within the same blurry sounds as they slide from sleazy to desperate to poignant.

Yet even among these songs there are hints of Dirty Beaches' growing experimental side, particularly on "Elli," one of Hungtai's sparest, most haunting moments yet, and the ten-minute "Mirage Hall," which takes his hypnotic grooves and drones to hallucinatory lengths.

There's still plenty of Dirty Beaches' distinctive grit, which helps ground the more ethereal textures and tones he plays with on "Greyhound at Night," which, with its airy trumpet and guitar, lies in some floaty space between jazz, indie, and post-rock.

At times, Love Is the Devil hints that the more ambient elements Hungtai's music might work better on the side than as the main focus, particularly when more structured songs such as "Like the Ocean We Part" work so well.

With a 9.99 sticker price, the Dirt Devil Dash Upright Vacuum is the cheapest vacuum cleaner we've looked at by more than .