David cook dating kimberly

And appeared to be true his love interest is former "Idol" contestant Kimberly Caldwell. Never to shy away from showing his interest in Caldwell, Cook even asked her out on the TV Guide Network."I'm just excited because I finally get to talk to you," he told her during an interview on the Idol Tonight show Wednesday night, May 21.

Kim is a beautiful redhead and the few photos seen of her and David together looked strangely photoshopped.

After a while an article with photographs turned up in a tabloid with quotes of things that supposedly she and David had said sounded real enough at first.

He was also an avid baseball player during high school.

After losing interest in the sport due to injury, he focused more on music.

It actually ties into his upcoming album with the same themes.

“ is a more throwback and stripped-down set of songs,” he adds.At Blue Springs South High School, he performed in musicals, including The Music Man, West Side Story, and Singin' in the Rain.In addition to this, he was an active member in the Blue Springs South High School National Forensics League (or NFL), where he qualified for the national tournament twice for duo interpretation, an event that relies on performance and interpretation of a literary work.Indeed, at the height of his fame police would use dustbin lids for shields.And at one concert, a fan risked her life by jumping 20 feet from a box seat just to get near him - and survived.Dedicated to helping expose the stupidity, bad behavior and lunacy of the craziest stalkers of various American Idol contestants like David Cook or Adam Lambert or whoever.