Dating while going through divorce florida

For example, the judge might disapprove of the dating spouse's behavior and develop a bias against them.

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However, as the judge says, this "dating before final" raises emotional turmoil for the spouse "not dating" and can turn the legal divorce "thermonuclear" as they say.

The law may say one thing, and the judge can lean the other.

Remember, Judges have "what they call wide discretion," (means they are God and law or no law, what ever they say goes) Keep in mind that most divorces are based on an agreement you have worked out between you two, and/or if you are using attorneys, what your attorneys have worked out and got you both to agree to.

The judge then looks at the proposed settlement, and if it seems fair to them, they stamp it final.

Florida divorces are “no fault” divorces, which means that a couple may get divorced due to irreconcilable differences.

This also means that adultery does not affect a Florida divorce in general terms, although it may affect issues of property distribution and cooperation in settling issues.

From a legal standpoint, dating during divorce may cause bitterness than can prolong the proceedings, or may result in you receiving less time with your children under a time-sharing plan.

And don’t think your spouse won’t find out about your new relationship – the rise of social media makes it easy for anybody to uncover information on their spouse.

Divorces are not always resolved as fast as the divorcing couple would like.

If the couple has complicated issues, or chooses to go through a legal separation before going through the full divorce, the time from when the couple calls it quits to when the divorce is finalized could be years.

The dating spouse can spend his separate property on his new relationship as he wishes.