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In the post-grad world, where everyone is either (A) desperate/engaged/married/procreating or (B) terrified of commitment, these male friendships are endearing.

He has the ability to commit, if only to the same group of guys. Credit: what is your stance on the forever frat man?

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Spring of my freshmen year, I was faced with a lot of firsts.A relationship with a boy who had a girlfriend, dealing with hangovers on Tuesdays and all that was being a part of a sorority.All the themed costume parties prepared him for his future as a very resourceful and budget friendly Halloween costume creator. In fact I have asked him several times to share his secret handshake with me and every time he does, but later tells me it wasn’t the real one.I’m confident he will never tell anyone I pooped while giving birth. Once you have become his friend you might as well know that you will be his “brother” for life.And the predicament that everyone has a different agenda for dating. By the time I joined Delta Zeta, I had already dated a couple of guys. On Sundays, I wore my church hat and attended services alone.

How on earth do we navigate this social paradigm in a healthy way? Well let me first say that as an Arizona State undergrad, I experienced a lot of unhealthy relationships. Growing up in a Christian home, I was taught to ONLY date Christians and NOT have premarital sex. During the week, I’d mack on my significant other, who had no idea about my relationship with Jesus. Looking back, I wish that someone had shared a healthy dating perspective with me (and taught me the ropes of how to flirt with excellence - ha! We can’t just turn to Relationships 4:5-20 in the Bible and discover all there is to know about “Biblical Dating 101.” But we can look at the metanarrative of God’s story and see that dating is a great opportunity to: We were created to do life with other people.You want to be casual, yet funny, yet readable if you're asking over text. Behind most formal invitation texts (averaging one to three lines) there is more thought put in then on a paper due in a week (because you have six days to wait to think about the paper).Having difficulty wording a formal invitation text, however, no longer needs to be the reason you don't go (or anxiously draft invites in your head for days leading up to the event).I didn’t really understand how to go about dating because I was trying to teach myself. God himself exists as 3 in 1 - Father, Son and Holy Spirit.As image bearers of God, we are called to invest in other relationship for encouragement, service and love.I did end up nailing my date (literally and figuratively) for my next formal, but with tactful invitation preparation.