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Patricia Carlin is a well-respected leading authority in high card-not-present credit card processing and merchant account placement.

Since 1999, her clients have processed billions of dollars in e-commerce and call center transactions.

Settlement Currencies are the currencies in which you can receive payouts.

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The Swiss-based company was established in 2014 after being designed by a team of payment processing experts with 12 years experience in payments, and 20 years experience in code development.The company uses a technology very similar to world-renowned Stripe, but is tackling the high-risk markets Stripe has foregone, by focusing on two things: security and flexibility.We recently caught up with CEO & co-founder Lucas Jankowiak, to ask what the Fin Tech company can offer dating companies looking for a more streamlined payment partner.With data security obviously the hot topic in the dating industry at the moment, with the devastating hack of Ashley Madison, Jankowiak said Securion Pay’s system was specifically designed with the safety of both sites and users as a top priority.One company that is looking to shake up the payment game is Securion Pay, who have spent nearly a decade learning about the problems of payments in industries like online dating, and have built a solution that aims to fix them.

Securion Pay is a cross-device, online and mobile payment gateway that focuses on security and flexibility, specifically tailoring its solution for “high risk” industries like online dating.

With our solutions you shouldn't worry about either the payments from customers all over the world or your own profit, because you'll find both currency interchangable schemes applicable.

We specialize in providing offshore merchant account and third party merchant account payment solutions to international businesses.

It depends a lot on the content as this is often a grey area for a lot of folks in the underwriting area.

Sorry, But this is one time Ive got to disagree with Chris (which wont happen too often) (especially through e-online data) is ok with "adult" content as long as its not streaming video etc.

Her expertise is working with online companies who have unique business models that are not well understood by traditional banks and are deemed higher risk.