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They had two children, but before long she realized her traditional marriage was killing her soul.

To Stanton's dismay, her husband seemed threatened by her intelligence and high spirits, as well as her singing career.

In the past she has been linked to 58-year-old painter, George Condo, and 47-year-old David Schulte.As for anything official about her relationship with Sachs, her rep did not comment on the matter.\r\n According to a source, Olsen and Richard Sachs were not only riding together in the front row, but were “canoodling and cuddly” after class as well. Sachs was described as a “very rich, ancient man” who “looked like he could be twice her age.”\r\n A source says that not only does Sachs have a great collection of artwork, but he is very interested in helping the arts.In a step that was unusual at the time, Stanton sought a divorce, then went to graduate school in journalism.She began as a general assignment arts writer and a rock and film critic, and soon became a daily television columnist.He helps support young artists as they make their way in the business.

He is also described as “very private and a little eccentric.” “He has a lot of money from working in finance,” said one of the sources. I believe he’s in his late 50s.” Of course this isn’t the first older man Olsen has been rumored to have been seeing.Use this time to learn something interesting about your mate's past experiences.The most well-known negative stereotype associated with significant age differences between young women and older men is the "sugar daddy" stereotype, which suggests that an older man is financially generous with a younger woman in exchange for her company.Significant age differences can present challenges in a relationship, note professionals at Two Of Us, a subsidiary of The National Healthy Marriage Resource Center, an information resource for healthy marriages.Two Of Us professionals say that many people view relationships with significant age differences from either a stereotypical perspective -- such as "sugar daddies" or "cougars" -- or under the assumption that there are too many challenges for these unions to be successful.There are pros and cons to every relationship -- it's up to each party to decide if the relationship is worth the effort after considering the challenges they may face.