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The commencement date for records varies from parish to parish.Civil Record of Births, Marriages and Deaths commenced in 1864. Outside of the land records the Parish Records remain the main source of Genealogical Data for 19th Century County Clare.

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Shadowhunters - Città di cenere e Shadowhunters - Città di vetro completarono la trilogia.

Il quarto libro, Shadowhunters - Città degli angeli caduti, è stato pubblicato il 5 aprile 2011 e segna l'inizio del secondo ciclo degli Shadowhunters, che include altri due libri dal titolo Shadowhunters - Città delle anime perdute e Shadowhunters - Città del fuoco celeste.

Today the governmental structure consists of a five member board as followed by the State of Michigan governmental structure.

Located on the northern shores of Lake Michigan in Escanaba, Delta County's growth is made up of a combination of forestry, manufacturing and tourism.

Baptism Records are available from 1841 to 1900, and Marriage Records are available from 1837 to 1900.

County Clare consists of 47 parishes with approximately 500,000 baptismal records dating from 1802 to1900.

the sculpture was completed and mounted on November 1, 2000.

At the dedication ceremony, Board Chairman David O.

As pictured to the right, in December of 1997 the county board commissioned a bronze sculpture of Delta County to be constructed by T. Vinette and mounted on the south wall of the Courthouse.

The sculpture is approximately 10'x11'1/2", constructed of bronze sheet and chased to effect a bas relief sculpture depicting river valleys, lakes, water front cliffs, and the townships and cities created by the joints at the boundaries of these areas. Vinette became ill in 1999 and was aided in the completion of the sculpture by Ritch Branstrom of Stonington.

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