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Japan, Vietnam, etc., are bright examples of the same.Interestingly, the earliest evidence of human presence, the Homo erectus, was unearthed at the Zhoukoudian cave in China.

The Bureau of Customs are allowed to inspect boxes sent from Filipinos working abroad.Photo from the Bureau of Customs MANILA, Philippines – More balikbayan boxes will arrive in the country as the holiday season approaches, and the Bureau of Customs (BOC) is reminding senders not to push their luck when it comes to sending high-value items.One traditional custom in African culture is that of lobola, where the groom pays the father of the bride in order to compensate for the ‘loss’ of the man’s daughter.Traditionally, lobola was paid in cattle, a valued commodity in many African cultures, but today many modern couples pay lobola in cash.Each group of people have customs that are unique to them.

However, in all ethnic groups throughout Africa, the family unit is of the utmost importance and it is reflected in the customs of each tribe.

Lobola is intended to bring together two families, fostering mutual respect.

It also indicates that the groom is financially capable of supporting his wife.

China is to start fingerprinting foreigners who arrive in the country.

The Ministry of Public Security announced that it would begin screening foreign passport holders who arrive Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport in the Guangdon Province later this week.

"The existing rules are obsolete, and we may have to reassess our coordination and processes with consolidators for stricter and improved compliance," Customs Commissioner Bert Lina said, referring to a Customs Memorandum Order for consolidated shipments from Filipinos abroad dating in the 1990s.