Dating a musician rules

Rules For Dating A Guitarist By Guitars all over the house = super-expensive home decor. We love you very much, it’s just that sometimes we can’t help talking about the differences between different Ibanez Edge tremolo models. We haven’t liked a new Metallica song since 1988 (okay, maybe 1991 if we’ve had a few beers) but under no circumstances shall we miss a tour. You see, the original Edge and the Lo Pro both have replaceable knife edge inserts, and while the Lo Pro is certainly more comfortable against the picking hand, the original Edge seems better balanced and more suited to pulling off super-cool tricks like flutters. We’re going to use the steering wheel as a drum kit.

but whether youre a male or female in the music industry there arevarious complexities that can make romance extremelychallenging.some women ive encountered in music were already dating or fcking a producer to get free being a female musician and then get back to me.14 things you need to know before dating a a musician datingis not as glorious as the stereotype makes it seem. im also based in new york city which makes dating even harder. Ill be writing this article based on my personal experience as a single male musician.I recently came across an entertaining list in my email titled “Rules for Dating a Musician”.

The rules are very much geared towards the prevention of a young lady “Yoko-ing” a band, but could mostly be applied to the opposite gender.But those of us lucky enough to somehow be in a relationship know that it takes a special kind of grace for a lady (and let’s face it, that list is written by a dude dictating rules to a lady) to be in a relationship with a guitarist: one who’s willing to overlook your overactive enthusiasm for guitar, not overlook gross exaggerations in personal entitlement. So here – backed up by years of research, let me assure you – are my rules for dating a guitarist. The musician mind hears “Don’t you already have enough guitars? Please don’t be offended if we’re in the middle of a conversation about something you’re interested in but our mind wanders to guitars. For instance, the one from 1987 has the volume knob in a slightly different place. This will aid any gentleman to get along swimmingly with his music-based girlfriend and limit the number of times she’ll initially have to say “Suck it up and deal” and/or “Grow a pair”. Shaking hands and making new friends is a big part of being a gigging musician.3) Do NOT complain that she is out late frequently on the weekends.After reading it, I couldn’t help but think about all the different events I’ve experienced while trying to date men who aren’t musicians/entertainers.