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As described in the HTTP specification [RFC2616], clients can indicate their preference of resource representation by including an For the Atom format there is more than one MIME type involved.

Most of the semantics of operations in OData come from the Atom Pub protocol [RFC5023], which in turn builds on top of HTTP [RFC2616].This document describes the operation model for the protocol, specifying the interactions between clients and servers for retrieving and manipulating data in an OData service.It builds on the [OData-Core] document for core concepts, [OData-URI] for URI conventions and on the formats specifications for Atom [OData-Atom] and JSON [OData-JSON] for the description of data representations.OData supports two formats for representing resources, the XML-based Atom format and the JSON format. Save hours of research time with instant email and resume look-up.

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However, when addressing Links or properties within an element the returned resource is just XML without the Atom Entry wrapper, and its content type is "application/xml".

Atom Pub also introduces service documents, with a content-type of "application/atomsvc xml".

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Project Description This is a community project for developing additional tasks and components for SSIS, and identifying other Code Plex projects that do the same.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Engineering team consistently tests Microsoft Dynamics CRM and associated CRM Updates against pre-release and release versions of technology stack components that Microsoft Dynamics interoperates with.