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Paradoxically, government policies intended to protect homeowners from foreclosure may have had a negative impact on children.In some cases, the rules had the effect of drawing out the foreclosure process, extending the time that children were unsure where they would be living.

The question of culture clash and cross-cultural identity development is interrogated early, as Mei is introduced in the midst of a purge of her “Asian” possessions, including Hello Kitty pyjama pants, a pink puffy jacket, jelly shoes and a comically large Doraemon head mask.Her best friend, Katie (Emily Burton), tries to reason with her, but to no avail.Recipients of these awards included, from left, Loren Robinson, John Phillip Sousa Award; Evan White, Joe Riemer Scholarship; and Sarah Haskew, Wesley Rabren Horizon Award.Tigerette awards were presented to team members, from left, C. Long, Poised Performer; Mary Stuart Lewis, Outstanding Performer; Amanda Eversman, Superior Showmanship; Abby Stewart, Best Kick Technique; and Ansley Smith, Driven Dancer. housing markets may be emerging from the foreclosure crisis, but for many children, problems caused by the slide in home values haven't ended.

She said studies confirm that foreclosure can be tough on children -- not only because of psychological stress but because of the disruption of moving from one school to another.

Awards presented to the Tiger Band included, from left, Will Steward, Most Outstanding Percussion; Loren Robinson, Best Attitude; Destiny Miskel, Most Outstanding Brass; Courtney Stewart, Most Outstanding Woodwind; and, not pictured, Austin Hutchinson, Most Improved.

Band officers include, in no particular order, Drum Major - Destiny Mikel; Woodwind Captains - Jacob Burt and Courtney Stewart; Brass Captains - Brianna Coffman and Preston Richards; Percussion Captains - Holly Bates and Ethan Pettis; Band President - Destiny Miskel and Vice President - Courtney Stewart.

The family Law has created could be any Australian family. Produced by La Boite and showing at Brisbane’s Roundhouse theatre, Single Asian Female follows a family of Asian women as they navigate the intricacies of race and racial stereotypes in the predominantly white community of Nambour on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

The show opens in a Chinese restaurant, complete with chopsticks, lanterns, (fried rice), an upstairs bedroom and Pearl (Hsiao-Liang Tang), who has just finalised her divorce but still bears the responsibilities associated with her ex-husband’s business dealings, delivering a table-top karaoke rendition of I Will Survive.

Cox has two older sisters, Virginia and Dorothy, and an older brother, Richard, Jr.