Costa rican family chaperones while dating

We can help arrange international group airfare upon request as well.We are here to help make planning a student trip to Costa Rica a reality!

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I first came to Monteverde 30 years ago with my wife Deb [Debbie Rutherford, associate head of school], our son Matthew [’03], Gene Sancho [former Mercersburg academic dean], and a group of students from Mercersburg.

So much has changed since then as ecotourism has replaced dairy farming as the main economic engine.”Mercersburg’s relationship with CFS dates back to 1996, when CFS actively sought to create strong relationships with independent schools in the United States.

Students receive 3 hours of Spanish classes per day before heading out to different cultural and tour activities in the afternoon.

Activities include museum visits, national park tours, creative workshops, recreational games, and more.

In fact, Andrés Gómez Rodriguez ’06, the first exchange student from CFS to study at Mercersburg, hosted Rutherford in his home for the first three weeks of Rutherford’s sabbatical.

Rutherford’s second host family has no direct connection to Mercersburg, but the family does have a first grader who attends CFS.

Our unique combination of daily Spanish classes and optional program Tracks means students can build-in personalized program options to complement their Spanish studies.

The just Spanish Camp option offers learners a great cultural and educational experience.

Spanish Camp provides a unique combination of education, community service, sports, and tourism.

This unique experience helps students develop a better sense of the world and grow into global citizens.

At Maximo Nivel, our Spanish Camp program helps young learners experience a world of travel and intercultural exchange.