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The Cook Islands could be the best kept secret in the South Pacific when it comes to a truly natural (not manufactured) paradise.

The Cook Islanders are citizens of New Zealand as they have free association with that country but at the same time are independently governed.

It is not surprising that the Cook Islands’ most important industry is tourism. The point of entry is the main island of Rarotonga, the most populated island.

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Primitive mantle normalized trace element diagrams showing selected adze compositions in comparison with likely source rock compositions.

The close similarity for Mangaia and Austral Islands compositions testifies to very similar petrogenetic processes and mantle sources.

This is due to not only its natural beauty and wonderful beaches but also due to its extremely friendly people who are smiling, spontaneous and warm-hearted and influenced by their Polynesian culture, all ingredients for an enjoyable Cook Islands vacation. It is only 32 kilometres/20 miles in circumference.

The reasons for a Cook Islands vacation are many but include just relaxing, snorkeling, scuba diving, exploring and learning about the history of the islands. The island is surrounded by a lagoon which often extends more than a hundred metres to the reef then slopes steeply into deep water.

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On a Cook Islands vacation, one travels clockwise around the perimeter of Rarotonga and the other - anticlockwise.