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There is an unused, yet working phone number in the game's files that corresponds to her, meaning that the player was supposed to take her home during story mode.

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Johnson, who has been engaging in a fundraising campaign for an all-boys academy based on Pan-Africanist ideology, is known for both his homophobic and misogynistic rhetoric.

That speech includes condemning Black women for their sexual behaviors and for wearing unnatural hair.

On a wet weekday afternoon there are typically six or seven punters in these stews, who half-watch the show while drinking lager, munching crisps and thumbing through Loot or watching the cricket on the screen in the corner. Flesh, alcohol, crisps, cricket, literature — the five pillars of civilised manhood, all accessible from one bar stool. So I ought to be able to leave this type of nudity to the people who understand it, but I am a stand-up comedian, so sadly it’s unavoidable in my line of work. At every taster show or chat show at the Edinburgh Fringe, there’s burlesque.

I went to a fundraiser for International Women’s Day; there was burlesque.

She goes by the screen name “Conscious Stripper” on social media.

She has been putting Johnson on blast for nearly a month now, exposing him in a series of Instagram posts, tweets and You Tube videos, which layout personal SMS messages about their illicit affair.

Once again I found myself confronted with the fact that I must be some gross specimen of a man because I was still trying to find it erotic.

Two hundred other men were, apparently, seeing art, beauty, postmodernism and ‘a power-play possession of the voyeuristic gaze’, just like it said in the brochure.

In GTA V, once her like meter is filled, she won't be available to take home.

This is due to the fact that Cheetah does not sleep around.

She has blonde hair and wears a schoolgirl like attire.