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Consider this—over the five-year certification cycle, the application fee costs you less than a quarter a day.The CNOR credential is currently accredited by two, independent accrediting bodies: the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) and the American Board for Specialty Nursing Certification (ABSNC).Therefore, before proceeding in answering this question it is important to first define the level of competency assessment we are trying to achieve.

By David Diller MD and Robert Bramante MD, FACEPResa Lewiss MD, FACEPChair-elect, ACEP Emergency Ultrasound Section Chief, Emergency Ultrasound Division St.Luke’s Roosevelt of Mount Sinai Hospital Center New York City Assessing competency through high quality, well-validated methods remains a challenge in graduate medical education.Hospitals and institutions around the world support the CNOR program because certified nurses are confident in their skill and knowledgeable of the latest standards of practice and care.CNOR-certified nurses are leaders in the operating room community.No matter what type of healthcare staffing services you provide, consistently placing highly competent staff is a key differentiator that can help ensure your agency’s success for years to come.

(HPA), Licensed Practical Nurse Alberta Regulation 2003, sections 22 (1-3), 23 (1-2).With this frame of mind, we can now examine the various competency assessment methods that exist and the evidence that supports them.Fund of knowledge: Standardized testing, including clinical vignettes and essay-type questions, is a well- validated means of assessing fund of knowledge and fact recall [3,5].In addition, if a Licensed Practical Nurse wishes to renew their Practice Permit with the CLPNA for the coming registration year, non-compliance with CCPV will be considered by the Registrar or the Registration and Competence Committee at the time of renewal.Pursuant to 40(2)(c) of the HPA, if a Licensed Practical Nurse submits application for renewal of CLPNA registration prior to December 31, they will not be provided with a Practice Permit on January 1 until CCPV requirements are met.Applying this theory to emergency ultrasonography (often referred to as point-of-care ultrasound, or POC ultrasound) within the Milestones construct we can create three distinct categories for assessment: fund of knowledge, technical skills, and clinical integration [4].