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I'm considering San Francisco too but recently a lot of people have told me that things can be pretty tough there too.

I've been to Boston a couple times and liked it a lot but I've never lived there. There are higher percentage of women in MA than in CA.

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I want to be in a place that is more sophisticated and I want to be surrounded by interesting, warm, well-educated people who aren't flaky and who know what they want out of life. I've always lived in big cities and I know that dating can sometimes be difficult there. ------------------CA /// MA Female_________ 50.18% 51.82% Under 5 years 48.82% 48.89% 5 to 13 years 48.77% 48.72% 14 to 17 years 48.40% 48.55% 18 to 24 years 47.74% 50.73% 25 to 44 years 48.98% 50.84% 45 to 64 years 51.18% 51.78% 65 years and over 57.90% 60.29% Of course, this is just statistics.But generally speaking, are people in Boston who are in their late 20s/early 30s interested in serious relationships or is it more about short-lived fun? They did not take into account if the women are pretty or not. first, it seems a little like dating in general can be a bit of a bummer, no matter where you are, if you're looking for meaningful rather than "to date around". This is a generation that has grown up with relatively low expectations in the realm of happily every after.Theirs is a world where most embrace group activities, punctuated with the periodic hookup, and communicate largely in digital bursts of 140-250 characters instead of in person.” Advertisement As she began to answer, the questioner became more specific: “Like, the actual words.”That year, Cronin gave the option of going on a date to students in a seminar she taught to juniors and seniors that examined relationships, spirituality, and personal development. The next semester, she made the assignment mandatory, and some students began choosing the course specifically for that reason, saying they had trouble asking people out on dates on their own.

Cronin is associate director of the Lonergan Institute, a philosophy research center at Boston College.In short, Boston College is one of the most inspirational places I've ever been a part of!When it comes to dating, this generation of college students is writing its own rules, and often deleting them as quickly as they are written. Not only did the university provide me with a world class liberal arts education, it also formed me as a person.Social justice and civic responsibility were two recurrent themes in many of my classes, and the student body was very active in volunteer work and pursuing their passions.Asking a boy or girl out via text is safer: the rejection feels less harsh on the screen than in person.