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That is the crux upon which the next part of the story relies.

Once back in the real world, their romance seemed to stall out, although that is understandable since Kirito’s age is only 17 by the end of the Phantom Bullet story arc, although his girlfriend/in-game wife happens to be 18 years old. In any case, Season is likely to be based upon the Alicization/Underworld light novels assuming that Kawahara does not invent a new story for the anime.

This does not seem likely since the fictional story timeline has Mother’s Rosario ending in April of 2026, while the Alicization arc begins in June of the same year. While it wouldn’t be surprising if those stories eventually become animated, it would most likely be released as an OVA, not a full anime season.

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Robotics; Notes Rosario to Vampire Rurouni Kenshin Sailor Moon Saint Seiya Seraph of the End Seven Deadly Sins Shaman King Shingeki no Kyojin Shugo Chara!

Soul Eater Spirited Away Steins; Gate Super Sonico Suzumiya Haruhi Sword Art Online Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Tenjho Tenge Tiger & Bunny Tokyo Ghoul Toriko Trigun Trinity Blood Tsubasa Chronicles UFO Robot Grendizer Uzumaki Vampire Hunter D Vampire Knight Vocaloid Voltron Yu-Gi-Oh! on ICE A coupon is like a gift card that has a certain value in cash that you can use in order to buy something from Otaku Worse, author Reki Kawahara separates Kirito and Asuna for most of the Underworld story, and even in the most recent light novels a happy ending is nowhere in sight.Some fans want to see wedding bells, but so far only a death knell has been rung for certain Season 2 released, English-speaking fans have been pining away for something to happen between Kirito and Asuna.Main Character Index | Lelouch Lamperouge | Main Characters | Black Knights | Ashford Academy | Britannians (Royal Family, Britannian Army, Knights of The Round) | Chinese Federation | European Union | Others Ruler of the Britannian Empire and father to Lelouch and his siblings, Charles is introduced as a Social Darwinist who thinks that war is the best way to create social progress.It's eventually revealed that his true agenda is to use the Ragnarok Connection to create "a world without lies", a desire brought about by being raised in a royal family whose members killed and deceived each other for power.As of this publishing, the anime production committee has not announced anything official about the Season 3 may continue this trend.