Cdx files updating on server

Maybe there is a way to turn off caching for some certain files to check it?

Sometimes we get index crash twice a day, sometimes everything is fine for 5 days in a row. Today only one user was working in the evening with the database (usually there are 30-50 users are working simultaneously on working hours). Synchronization with website is performed every 5 minutes during work hours and every 15 minutes in the evening and on weekend.

The live preview cannot be updated after the html file had changed.

Or maybe the problem is about RAID caching somehow interfering with Windows Server caching?Or maybe there are some special settings for Windows Server for working with DBF tables that are being written simultaneously by several terminal users?Using Data Definition Language (DDL)You cannot include DDL in the following places: In a batch SQL statement that requires a transaction Following a previously executed statement that required a transaction if not in auto-commit mode and if your application has not yet called SQLTransact.For example, if you want to create a temporary table, you should create the table before you begin the statement requiring a transaction.The software can run as a traditional web application or an HTTP or HTTPS proxy server, and has been tested on Linux, OS X and Windows platforms.

pywb is fully compliant with the Memento protocol (RFC-7089).When I change the name of the file then the view reflects the changes, but if I change back to the original name the view reflects the older state of that file. The bottom panel when the application is running you'll see a 'Stop' button. I hit that and refreshed my preview page and it worked fine. I am running Chrome OS so I don't really have another browser option except through my crouton installation. Python Way Back for web archive replay and live web proxy pywb is a Python (2 and 3) implementation of web archival replay tools, sometimes also known as ‘Wayback Machine’.pywb allows high-quality replay (browsing) of archived web data stored in standardized ARC and WARC, and it can also serve as a customizable rewriting proxy to live web content.The Visual Fox Pro Language Reference contains detailed information about the following supported commands: ALTER TABLE - SQL Command Programmatically modifies the structure of a table.