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People can watch from any device by clicking the URL in your Tweet.

( One button begins the live streaming of your video. Streams are pushed to your followers in real time via push notifications. Possibility to schedule streams that will be distributed to your subscribers. Everything that happens on meerkat happens on Twitter.Part of the addictiveness of this app is that users can recommend to other users that they watch a particular scope, sending a push notification to everyone’s phones, letting them know that the scope is on RIGHT NOW and to get watching straight away.There is some urgency to the request, because you can only participate fully if you watch in real-time and are one of the first watchers.Because of ideal Q&A format, many people use Periscope as a way to teach things, although there are plenty of people hosting meditation scopes, scopes from tourist destinations, concerts and other similar things.

Lots of scopers will also ask their audience where they’re from, or take quick polls while they’re discussing things, making sure their audience feels valued.

Streaming works from your phone but watching is possible on any device on the web.

( Press a button and instantly notify your Twitter followers that you’re broadcasting live video to the world.

The Favorites feature is only available with a JMeeting subscription.

If you want to start your webcam, just doubleclick on “Broadcaster”, then doubleclick again on “Start broadcaster”.

After you have logged into JMeeting, you will see the JMeeting applet on the left side of your screen.