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To facilitate research, the authors have prepared a quick reference chart on the last page of the book which directs the reader immediately to the page in where to find a specific serial number.7- Component Parts: Each relative part of the Auto-5 ( A-5 ) shotgun is reviewed and changes and introduction dates on the changes is explained.

Including Auto-5 ( A-5 ) shotgun barrels and variations, receiver changes, safety modifications, magazine cap and magazine plug variations, stock and butt-plate variations, and other related parts.8- Models: All models are clearly discussed with their variations and introduction dates; including the standard 12 gauge Auto-5, the 16 gauge Auto-5, The Sweet Sixteen, Trap and skeet models, Lightweight and super lightweight Auto-5 models, etc.9- Boxes, Cases and Hang tags: All accessories are explained in detail in this chapter including instruction manuals and their envelopes, hang tags, boxes and cases.

This chapter is laid out in various historical time frames which outline important periods through FNs history.

From FNs incorporation in 1889 through both World Wars up to modern times.3- The Creation of the Auto-5: From patent dates and numbers to prototypes.

They do still include the 1-year manufacturer warranty from Browning.- Speed, picture quality, 7-month battery life, and easy programming.

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The lower part'of the linkd is larger than the upper, andja second pivotpin 2", considerably larger than the upper one, is fitted transversely through-the frame and through the link, and serves to 'movably attach the barrel b to the frame a. this purpose, while the lower and forward face of the lug ,b is parti-circula-r inform, concentric with the upper pivotpin whichholds the link to the barrel, and 019 such aradiusthat' this part of the lug cl ars and freely moves over the lowerpivotpfin i-which -holds the link, to the. e rear -face of'the lug b is straight,: ex- tending ertically down belowthe center of the lower pivot-pin z, and between 'the'rear face and the lower edge of-the lug this extension forms a projection at the bottom of the lug which, coming in contact with the lower pivot-pinfi-at the last of the forward movement oftlie' barrel, limits this movement. The forward sideof this projection is rounded to correspond with and fit upon the pivot-pint Heretofore 1n the arms of this class in ,smallen tube, which depending downward breech-slide when it is mounted upofn the it was necessary to first mount the barrel upon the frame'and attach it thereto, then to mount the breech-slide from the rear upon the frame and slide it forward over the barrel, and finallyto securely lock the breechslide to the frame and vconnect it with-the reacti'on-sprin therein by means of the coinbined'slide-loc or.key,and abutment for the reaction-spring: For ease in assembling and, dismount-mg itwas necessary that this slide-lock could be'readily put in place or' removed.

In the 131% f b is a-vcrtical central slot in which the li (Z, is seated and ,by apivot-pin attached-to the barrel.

of corresponding width in the top of the -frame, whereby the breech end of the barrel, when m ltsplaoe, is guided and its axis is always kept within the vertical plane through the axis of the frame.

I The-barrel b is attached at its breech only to the" top of the frame, for this purpose the barrel havi-ng'near its rear end where it is- 'large *,st and strongest a depending lug b p'roiecting downward into a central recess a?

The frame a is straight at the top and has suitable guides for the reciprocating breech-slide c, the rear portion of which forms the breech-bolt c.