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But, surely we get confused because when we are out with a girl we have to unravel the meaning of dozens of signals. Apparently, males' interpretations are based more on what they hear than what they see. "Yes, it's a subconscious way to show you the soft, gentle, tender woman that she is.

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What was that about men being unable to read the signs?

The most important body language for both sexes is eye contact.

It was encouraging, disheartening and baffling all at once. This makes men easier to understand, putting us at an immediate disadvantage. According to my coach, Jo Hemmings, females are better at picking up and understanding signals. When they're on a date, they only have to decipher a few signals.

Men, Hemmings tells me, struggle to appreciate what different gestures mean.

We find you the perfect match, create an exciting first date, and provide you tips for your date.

Today, we offer advice on how to tell if your date is interested based on his or her body language.

We will also review what we learned in this section.

We talked about the theoretical examples in flirting fundamentals and now it is time to check out some real life (or reality TV) examples and clips.

There are gender specific body language cues that one can be aware of (i.e.

males tend to raise an eyebrow when interested, females will flirtatiously twirl their hair).

If you put your hand on your head and he does the same thing this is a good sign.