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(Commodity options had long been banned after bad experiences with them dating back to the 1930s).

“Big firms would go to OTC option boutiques to trade,” Brodsky says. [End users] had to trade with the same firm [that] would tell you what they would pay for it to get out.” Established firms were cynical about the CBOE, viewing it the same way a big box retailer viewed Amazon, says Brodsky.

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Vincent Moschetti of One Year with Film Only has developed a fun little “tool” that will help film beginners find their perfect 35mm match.

It’s called “Film Dating,” and it’s basically a 5-step questionnaire that tries to narrow down the qualities you like in a film stock and suggest the best option for you.

Many people are now mad as hell and want it changed.

But it wasn't always this way, and it's worth taking a moment to reflect on how it got so bad.

Given the choice, would you prefer to make an iron-clad, no-turning-back decision, or one you could back out of if you needed to? I understand why it might, but bear with me–because it isn’t.

People overwhelmingly prefer reversible decisions to irreversible ones.People believe that this is the best way to ensure their own happiness and success. In other words, we are significantly less happy with our choices when we can back out of them.(For example, in one of Gilbert’s studies, people were asked to choose an art poster that they could keep.Those who were told that they could change their mind and return it for a different poster in the next 30 days reported being less happy with their poster than those who had to pick a poster and stick with it.)Why does keeping our options open make us less happy?Because once we make a final, no-turning-back decision, the kicks in.This is how psychologists like Gilbert refer to the mind’s uncanny ability to make us feel good about our decisions.