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The Sinhalese monarchy was established in 543 BC with Prince Vijaya founding the Kingdom of Tambapanni and ended with Sri Vikrama Rajasinha of Kandy in 1815.

It should be borne in mind that there is controversy about the base date of the Buddhist Era, with 543 BC and 483 BC being advanced as the date of the parinibbana of the Buddha.

As Wilhelm Geiger pointed out, the Dipawamsa and Mahawansa are the primary sources for ancient South Asian chronology; they date the consecration (abhisheka) of Ashoka to 218 years after the parinibbana.

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The list is based on the traditional list of Sinhalese monarchs as recorded in the chronicles of the island such as the Dipavamsa, Mahavamsa, Culavamsa and the Rajaveliya.

This is not a list of ethnically Sinhalese monarchs; it contains all Sinhalese and foreign rulers who have ruled chronologically and in succession under the Sinhalese monarchy.

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Most notable are the Cholas in 985 and British in 1815.