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There are no historic names of Asi Liquidating Co., Inc.

Unlike banks and thrifts, credit union member deposits are insured up to 0,000 by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), an agency of the federal government, or by American Mutual Share Insurance Corporation (ASI), a private deposit insurance fund that operates in nine states. In the information that follows, credit unions insured by the NCUA are referred to as "federally insured" and credit unions insured by American Share are referred to as "privately insured." In general, the coverage provided members of federally insured credit unions is 0,000 per member, irrespective of how many accounts each member holds with a specific credit union; whereas, each depository account of a member at a privately insured credit union is insured to 0,000 -- irrespective of the number of depository accounts each member has with that privately insured credit union.

“They agreed to overnight a check to me,” said Ed Calafut of Truebite. It seems like they’re still out there messing with suppliers, even after the company’s problems have come out.” Another executive with a large supplier firm, who requested anonymity, said his company is owed in the “six figures” by Corp Logo Ware.

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(Dissolved 12-14-88) was registered under company Id 711595 as a Domestic Profit Corporation.This business was created thirty years, eleven months and six days years ago - on 23 September 1986.Broderick, Thomas F is the current agent of this company.This agent office address is 100 Spincast Ct, Ptree City, Ga, 30269.– Jack Levine, Corp Logo Ware president and CEO In an exclusive interview with Counselor, Jack Levine, the president and CEO of Corp­Logo Ware admitted to growing the company too fast and taking on too much overhead.

“I pressed too far too fast, and I’m to blame for that,” he said.If your credit union is domiciled in any of these states, your credit union deposit accounts may very well be privately insured.Most people don’t realize that private share insurance existed long before the NCUA, a federal agency, began insuring the share accounts of federally chartered credit unions in 1971; in fact, as far back as 1957, a private share insurance program operated in the state of Illinois.Many had put Corp Logo Ware on credit hold months earlier and others were just beginning to realize the extent of the problems. (), had recently sent a ,000 Corp Logo Ware bill to a collection agency.And the distributor’s credit score as reported in ASICredit Connect was rated as high risk, with more than 0,000 in past-due bills reported by suppliers in February alone.“We weren’t operating efficiently, and I stressed the financial side of the business way too much.” Indeed.