Are proudlock and sophia dating

@emmalouiseconnolly I love you to the moon and back, and cannot wait for the times ahead.'Speaking about how they met, he explained: 'It's a long story, but we met in Scotland a few years back.

star Sophia Sassoon has announced the birth of her son on social media.

The model and actress is best known for her romantic liaison with Francis Boulle in 2013 but seems to have moved on from him and the show.

It all kicked off when Jamie Laing told Louise's brother Sam that he had overheard a conversation between American Alik and Proudlock, claiming to have hooked up with someone on the dance floor during their lad's night.

Bursting into tears at the Neverland themed birthday party for Jamie Laing, Proudlock and Francis, Sophia told Mr Boulle that she felt bad for going out with his housemate and that 'she really cares' for her oldest friend.

Ollie is introduced to Ianthe’s friend, Danielle, but it doesn’t go to plan as Ollie doesn’t feel a connection with her.

Elsewhere, at Spencer’s birthday party, he plays mind games with Andy as he invites him into the social group, Binky and Jamie finally agree to give things a go, and Gabriella returns.

The 25-year-old shared a photo of her baby's tiny hand and hers, she wrote: "I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy - our little angel.

A love like no other xxx."Sophia is thought to be married to restauranteur Valentino Seferi but kept their wedding and birth low key.

There may not be roses but there is an alien, a doughnut, a rainbow and a unicorn so seriously, what more do you want?

Later in the episode, at a typically swanky garden party, Lucy was still in turmoil over her feelings for Proudlock amid the news that he was seeing other people, despite the fact they are technically not even a couple.

The drama continued on Monday as Made in Chelsea began with Proudlock explaining to Stevie and Alik that he was confused as to why Jamie was annoyed at him wanting to move in with Stevie.