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She likes to be fashionable and knows how to dress the right way in order to look good.

The entire gang is competing on Survivor, and Isabelle just happens to catch Alex's eye ("She's beautiful. But it's Survivor - and after a lot of fights, betrayals, and maybe a little bit of love, only one will be left standing. She especially didn't want to go to boarding school in Delaware, states away from her home.

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Well he got this expression and body languange that… Sexy Canadian actor Alexander Ludwigportrays villain Cato along Jenifer Lawrence, in real life Alexander is head over heels about his beautiful girlfriend Nicole Marie Pedra, Have you met her? in 2005 he appeared in his credited role in the movie Scary Godmother: The Revenge of Jimmy and eve and The Fire Horse. J in The Sandlot: Heading Home, as Seth in Race to Witch Mountain and the role who made him famous Cato in Hunger Games in 2012.Nicole Pedra is also one of the beautiful female models at Maggie Inc models agency in Boston and Dynasty Models & Talent.Nicole has one brother Dave, 24 and sister Danielle, 21, her parents are Christi and Dennis Pedra.His girl since last September by the way is our girl Nicole Marie Pedra or simply Nicole Pedra.

Pretty Girl Nicole Marie Pedra from Boston, Massachusetts said she speaks Italian and knows sing language.

Leven is a little lost - college was never in the cards for her, and now that it’s all anyone can talk about she is starting to doubt herself more than she’ll admit. well, Alex is about to break the bro code and fall for his best friend’s little sister.

The Golden Trio only has a few months left together to figure out how they’re going to handle being apart, and it comes with a lot of late-night pranks, a little jealousy, and more than their fair share of sneaking around.

And she definitely didn't expect to fall in love with it so fast. Leven begins to think that maybe she should have applied to college after all.

But when tragedy hits the school, Isabelle will be forced to realize just how much she can handle and just how much she has to lose. Alex has to make a big decision or two, concerning where he’s going to school and what he’s going to do about his feelings for Madeline’s little sister.

Alexander is a Canadian actor singer and a model also so he has a perfect looks.