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They always do their research especially even with the Campbell Saunders story line, you know especially with the suicide. I look at him and he was just like, “Yeah..” That read-through itself was very interesting. Munro: Well it’s one of those story lines…we haven’t really seen that in a long time. Munro: Well it’s such a subject that people at home are really going to connect to.

We’ve never seen suicide or any kind of death on the show for a while, so to have Dylan [Everett] come on to the show – and he’s such a great guy – and have that character become such a popular character and beloved niner leave the show, it really hits you. I remember reading through it and I think Dylan knew from the get-go that that was going to happen, but I was like, “Am I going to cry here? Cancer is something that affects everyone and for Eli, and for me, for this storyline is to support her – to be exactly what Eli should do as a boyfriend, is to support her storyline.


LIKE IT OR NOT, ECLARE LOVERS, THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS. her flawlessness i know The first of many things is that she was even there in the first place.

But a Degrassi source has stated: He may be single as of now, but he has experienced relationships with celebrities and co-stars in the past, which we will soon be revealing.

Responding to an interview question in 2011, Chambers said : Justin Kelly is the best friend of Chambers, and both were Degrassi cast members.

What’s the biggest different between your Canadian fans and your American fans?

If you get recognized, it takes four or five people to actually make a group effort. We don’t have that kind of platform, so it makes it easier for us to kind of live normal lives and kind of focus on the craft. The writers on the show and obviously the directors, and the producers, and Linda [Schuyler] and Stephen [Stohn], they definitely know what they want and they’re good at portraying that towards the fans.

She played Aria in Totally Amp'd, the Apple app coming out on January 26th, and guest starred on The Latest Buzz.

Cristine also had a small role in the movie Stir of Echoes: The Homecoming and a role in the movie Your Beautiful Cul de Sac Home. She has several commercials under her belt; she shot an Xbox commercial with the Jonas Brothers and Vanessa Morgan from The Latest Buzz.

Then if you ever transfer over into the American market, like you’ve seen Nina [Dobrev] and you’ve seen Shanae [Grimes] and Drake, then it kind of hits that platform, but we kind of get it easy. JJJ: At least you can feel comfortable knowing that they do a great job. That’s why it’s been around for so long and it will continue to be around. Obviously, Clare has cancer and a lot is going on right now.

JJJ: Let’s talk about all the big shockers that happen on the show. Luke: Definitely, probably every few scripts you’re reading through and you’re like, “There’s no way, there’s no way, and it’s like literally, I can’t believe they actually went there.” And it’s so they can, and they’re going to do it properly, and the writing is going to be amazing. I haven’t gotten the chance to watch the full episode yet, but even just reading it I was like, “There’s just no way.” I was just gut-wrenched and shocked. He like runs his car into the wall, almost gets stabbed… What can you tell us about what to expect from them this season?

Cristine stars as Mikayla Walker in the new Epitome show Open Heart with fellow co stars Dylan Everett and Justin Kelly.