dating sexyindians An investment model prediction of dating infidelity

The final solution includes seven factors that explained 57.21% of the variance.Within the confirmatory factor analysis, three models were analyzed: a model with seven uncorrelated factors, a model with seven correlated factors and a model with six uncorrelated factors.It was hypothesized that males would perceive sexual attraction as a primary cause of infidelity while females would perceive relationship dissatisfaction as a primary cause.

Moreover, the magnitude of mediation was highest for relationship satisfaction. Young people frequently use Facebook, which is often considered the most popular social network site (Duggan & Smith, 2013).

Implications for future research and contributions are discussed. 11(3), doi:10.5964/ejop.v11i3.932 Received: 2015-02-07. Social scientists tend to focus on how Facebook is influencing our social life (see Wilson, Gosling, & Graham, 2012 for review).

That is, under what circumstances do partners pay attention to potential alternative partners?

Are some people more prone to have a wandering eye than other people?

This study describes the construction and initial validation of the “Emotional Responses to Sexual Infidelity Scale” (ERSIS).

The construct validity was assessed by exploratory factor analysis, using the methods of the main components and Varimax rotation.

Do partners' romantic experiences, evaluations, and feelings about their relationship predict alternative monitoring?

What role, if any, does the social network play in predicting whether people begin paying attention to other potential mates?

Facebook-related conflict further mediates the relationship between relationship length and perceived relationship satisfaction, commitment, and love.

Self-report data were gathered from participants (N = 101) in an online survey by employing standard questionnaires.

This study examined the predictors of alternative monitoring--of potential romantic partners--using a sample of 76 people in committed dating relationships.